Who do you ship with?

We ship with Australia Post for all orders from both the online store and our custom range. We've explored most courier options within Australia and in our experience  Australia Post has been the quickest most reliable service yet.

How do I organise a custom order?

That's easy! We are a veteran owned business and understand the unique ADF requirements as we've lived it. You can contact us on 0404 034 910 or send  through an email with your designs to customs@tacticallyjaded.com.au

Do you do designs?

If you have no art or an artistically inclined friend, we can be that! We aren't graphic designers though, so we don't release the design to you and we are limited in what we can achieve. It's best to hit us up and let us know your concept and we'll be able to either get it done, or point you in the direction of who can.

Do you rush orders?

Almost all of our clients are current serving defence members, so we understand time crunches. Whether you're on course, going out field or deployment, we get it. We were given 2 weeks for a 5 RAR deployment, a few days notice for 31st/42nd RQR and 1 week for 8/9 RAR. We don't shy away from rush orders. Let us know your deadline and we'll do our best to reach it.