Custom Orders


Here at Tactically Jaded, we are an Australian Veteran owned and operated company working out of our North Brisbane workshop. We specialise in providing the Australian tactical services with the most durable and comfortable custom gear that’s built to last in the tactical environment.

A few things we do differently:

  • Simple, straight forward pricing tiers.
  • We include up to four prints.
  • No extra charge for sleeve prints!
  • We include free digital image editing.
  • Consecutive orders using the same design will be charged at your original price point.
  • Free shipping and no set up fee applies to all orders.
  • No extra charge for rush orders.
The process for ordering is streamlined and simple:
    • Email your design to 
    • We'll reply with a design concept.
    • You let us know your order size and we'll invoice you.
    • Done.

    We reply same day - check junk if you haven't heard from us!

    Our expertise came from the many years we served working in the military. A veteran owned business, we proudly take on our role of providing a unique perspective on custom gear, knowing first hand what works for defence members and what really doesn’t.

    Our business model is designed to be easy for the smaller section orders and a transparent pricing system for larger Battalion sized needs. We have a unique revolutionary way to help you organise your unit needs! Using this method, we've supplied:

    • 8/9 RAR
    • 9RQR
    • 6th Field Supply Company
    • 5 Transport Squadron
    • 106 Field Workshop
    • 1RAR DFSW
    • 1RAR Mortars
    • 1RAR SPT Coy
    • 1RAR Recon
    • 5RAR BCoy
    • 2RAR Recon
    • 8/9 RAR Recon
    • RMC
    • 2 FSB
    • Deployments: FPE11, FPE12, FPE13, FPE14, FPR, Op Res
    • Courses: ADFEPN2, ADFEPN0036, ANZCTC

    Hit us up to find out how 👀  

    You can send us an email at or head over to the Contact Us page to get in touch.