Alpha Wolf IR

Alpha Wolf IR

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Alpha Wolf IR

Our most exclusive patch released to date. Boasting advanced IR technology, this guy cannot be bought.

Earned only through our Feature Friday spotlight. Send us your raw, uncut photos from your time in defence. Field. Deployment. Barracks. We want to see it, we want to feature it. If your photo makes it to Feature Friday, we’ll send you our flagship Alpha Wolf. Join the Pack.

It’s time to bring back green and get rid of the negativity. Veterans about Veterans. That’s who we are. That’s what we stand for. That’s what we need.

The Alpha Wolf is strictly limited with a controlled supply and is manufactured by us in our Brisbane workshop, we don’t keep stock.

Stay Jaded. Stay Real.

Made by Veterans for Veterans.



Laser Cut

Velcro Backed

7 x 5 cm